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venerdì 31 maggio 2013

A nasty,revealing gaffe, we could say about Grillo "from riches to rags"

Grillo spoke of Stefano Rodotà avoiding to mention his name after the criticism of Rodotà about the effectiveness of the political action of the Five Stars Mouvement "An octogenarian person who has been miracolously saved thanks the net, a person just defrosted from the mausoleum where he was confined by his fellows whom we hope they rebuild the left" A nasty,revealing  gaffe, we could say  about Grillo "from riches to rags". Grillo tries to escape from the problems with the offense but first he should take some information.
Stefano Rodotà has always been on the frontier of the rights that Grillo is using. Grillo uses the net in broadcast mode, such as Berlusconi uses the television. Rodotà  has helped to recognize the net as a public space, the Italian Parliament, the European one and  so the UN. If Grillo and 5Stars can speak of water as a common is due to the commitment of Stefano Rodotà in the definition of the referendum question and to its overwhelming approval. If  5Stars, Grillo and Bologna citizens have supported the obligation of the State to ensure schools of all levels and to allow private ones "without charges" they owe to the efforts of competent and authoritative person as Rodotà. Finally, the Rodota's commitment  on the declination of privacy as aware management  of our identity in the digital age, and his struggle for the right to dignity at the end of life, are consistent with its happy timeliness with today's kind of problems and opportunities. Rodotà is one of the youngest and most sensitive minds that gave body and has enhanced the purpose of Hanna Arentd for "the right to have rights", teaching each of us that this means a constant political exercise, that cannot be delegated to any mediatic vestal. Grillo has to come to terms with the fact that political action is measured by its effectiveness and that the net has introduced the disintermediation and replaced the hierarchical authority with the reputation's credibility. The  percentage that 5stars took at the election are not his own, citizens have voted them  to break a consociational regime and replace it with innovative skills not with invective and sectarian outbursts so similar to those that the parties have used against them.

Finally, Rodotà is a free man, thus not exploitable not even by Grillo.
The critical comments of a good person, a gentleman as Rodotà are a constituent part of a different policy, out of the trenches of ideological or religious churches and also from those of a liberation army. Democracy, ecology of differences, pluralism, are practiced immediatly now if you want them to become usual costume, otherwise there will never be an "after" in which you can express them. This applies to the PD-Demicratic Party as for M5S-5Stars Mouvement and anyone else wants to express an organized collective political subjectivity.

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