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giovedì 11 giugno 2015

EXPO, confronto sulla sostenibilità

The World Thought Leaders Forum Concluding Remarks-Fiorello Cortiana

Dear Hungarian friends, dear members of the Club of Budapest, dear covenants,

thanks for organizing and being here, while this is a concrete demonstration of the construction of a common European identity and perspective, as a plural process.

Today's topic considers seriously this Expo's theme and it's linking with Dubai's one.
For this reasons I'm honored to be here and I want to share the notes I've gathered along the presentations of the plenary sessions.
This Planet is the only one that we have, on this little Earth we need to be “Able for the Future” finding the way to give back the Earth that we borrowed from our children.
We need a consciousness of species, a way to link the anthropological sphere with the biological one.
Along the centuries the human hybrihas developed a never ending growing model, with a presumptuous assumption to have endless resources, to act in the web of life regardless any consequences, to repair the disasters treating the final effects despite the combination of the causes.
We treated this way the body of GAIA as any other, first of all our body.
The consequences of this approach for GAIA and for us have awful evidences.
Following this direction it means approaching the end of the age of our species.
This is why we need a new human look for a sustainable world, we need a new look for our minds and cultures, for our body and its peculiarities, for the nature and its constitutive means.
We need a cultural, epistemological, existential, shift from a reductionist paradigm to a complex one, recognizing the links, crossing nets and systems, the relations, the processes, the inner dialogue into the ecology of the differences. The beauty of life.
There is the same logical matrix in all the dimensions of life.
Let's pay attention to the World Wide Web, the collective/connective cognitive ecosystem, to its development, to it evolutive balance. To the rules of its real governance.
To act effectively despite any threat of political and/or corporations' dictatorship.
The Web works in an innovative and evolutive equilibrium while we created the digital net with its communication protocol, avoiding to have only one operating system, avoiding to put patents on the digital languages and their grammatical structures, avoiding to produce any reduction of the rich complexity of the unintermediated cognitive ecosystem.
Thus having available potential solutions, even if we don't know them now, but we are already able to face any unexpected event.
Where is the difference in the genetic modification of the organism and their patents? With the paradox of the piracy by patent on the properties of the Neem tree, as if this late discover of the Indian wisdom knowledge could be an invention.
With the genetic modified organism in the environmental and in the food chain we have faced the problems, not only for our body, but as well for biodiversity and knowledge as a commons.
The same for the Web with a bug in a patented operating system and the viral consequences for the net and for the value produced by our minds.
So also what we think to create in a refined cognitive dimension is an astonishing translation of a complex model of the web of life. The unique matrix, the common knowledge.
In the global village on our little Earth, after the ideologies, we assist at reaction to a standardization in a unique/common global way of life, characterized by a neo tribalism and religious fundamentalism.
Well, we are learning that bombs are not so effective to destroy the roots and the reasons witch generate fundamentalism and its will of reduction to an “uniquum” through genocide and constriction.
This pattern is so similar with that of the cancer one.
Undifferentiated cells' multiplication it's no solved simply by the bombs of chemotherapy, as PierMario Biava explained us.
Are required other ways to reprogram the cells and to reset the software, to hear, to look, to learn, to teach, to think, to speak, at the cells and to the people. We need to have open minds to learn the nature of the relationships into the field of life, to think to natural issues, to act in the way in witch the nature acts, to speak with it in the way it can understand.
This is and must be a sustainable mutual dialogue.
Because connection doesn't mean communication, and communication doesn't mean knowledge: it's the nature of the relation that makes the difference.
Instead of the Olympic exhibition of power with “Citius, Altius, Fortius” Alex Langer proposed “Lentius, Profundus, suavius”(“more slowly, more deeply, more gently”). We need an ethic of responsibility, an informed participation, according to a discreet sobriety to can appreciate the beauty of life, to be coherent with it.
In this way crisis doesn't mean catastrophe, but the condition for the change.
Let's never stop trying together this achievement.
Fiona Montagu already quoted Steve Jobs recommendation “Stay hungry, stay foolish, so I want to quote John Lennon, as a pure source “You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one” :-)

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